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Profit From It Now!

What You Will Learn:

This informative two-day seminar is packed with demonstrations and case studies.  Find out how well designed Net sites (Internet, Intranet, Extranet, and E-commerce) are transforming the way we all do business today, and use it to your advantage.  Everything changes so quickly on the Internet: technologies, perceptions, and business models.  As soon as you think you feel comfortable with it, it changes directions completely.  This seminar covers the changes that will be most significant for business in the near-term to mid-term future.  Learn how to deploy, secure, scale and manage your Net assets. 

We use a proven 12 Step Method to guarantee success:

       1.  Conduct a realistic Needs Analysis

       2.  Lead the sales/marketing departments into new opportunities

       3.  Select appropriate collaboration and workflow tools

       4.  Incorporate legacy databases

       5.  Dramatically cut costs by using Internet Virtual Private Networks

       6.  Choose the most effective server platform

       7.  Select the best development tools

       8.  Effective Page and Form design

       9.  Define security and data integrity policies

     10.  Integration

     11.  Testing

     12.  Performance monitoring and management

The prevailing focus on new technology sometimes obscures the more significant changes affecting the ways in which individuals and organizations get their work done.

A successful Intranet/Extranet requires more than just using the most current Web tools.  At the heart of the system is the user.  Rather than technology we must provide users with business solutions which will directly affect the bottom line.

Find out what works and what does not!

 Who Should Attend:

General Managers, Marketing Directors, Advertising Managers, Business Owners and Technical Professionals who want to take a leadership role in positioning their organization on the Net will benefit from this seminar.  Companies ready to benefit from global connections will also find it valuable. 

Whether you’re an IT Professional looking for a connectivity solution, a Managing Director who wants to build an Intranet infrastructure, a Sales Manager wanting to increase market-share and market-size, or a Web Designer in search of the latest developments, this seminar is for you.  No matter how you plan to use it, this seminar will help you make the Net work better, faster, and smarter for your business.

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