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Profit From It Now!

Course Outline

  1. Seeing is Believing

Demonstrations or real-world successes will open your eyes on the many ways in which the Net can change the way you do business.

  2. Needs Analysis - Why You Need A Web Site Today!

In order to conduct a realistic Needs Analysis, your marketing management needs to be shown the incredible benefits E-commerce can offer

  • Internet / Intranet / Extranet / E-commerce / E-business explained

  • Discipline and policy are as important as technology

  • Examine some of the most successful Net applications to see what’s possible

  • Secrets of success / Pitfalls to avoid

  3. New Markets - New Opportunities

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you. 

  • Market realities vs. technology hype

  • Technological change

  • Emerging online brands

  • The online first time buyer

  • Internet time

  • Developing a one-to-one relationship with your E-business customer

  • Mass customisation

  • Lowering customer confusion

  4. The Killer App: Collaboration

GroupWare technologies are reinventing business processes and workflow.  Collaboration is a value-creation process allowing two or more individuals to create intellectual properties which neither would have been able to create on their own. Intranets amplify the value of your internal data by increasing accessibility and ease of use.

Collaboration over the internal network is only half the story.  Maximum profit and growth results from collaborating with customers and suppliers through your Extranet.

  • Collaboration tools and techniques

  • Using Office 97 or Office 2000 as your collaboration platform

  • Paperless Office?

   5. Getting Senior Executive Commitment

The deployment of a successful Net strategy demands commitment from the highest levels.  To improve the business – the entire business must change.

  • “Selling” the senior executives

  • What policy decisions are required?

  • How to keep away from “turf” issues

  • How can you control the uncontrollable?

  • How much can you save by cutting Telecom and ISP charges?

   6. Creating HTML Forms and Pages

HTML is the lifeblood of the Net.  Responsiveness, imagery and low bandwidth are the keys to capturing your users’ attention.  Learn how to create web pages that are efficient and effective.

  • Webmaster HTML fundamentals

  • Learn HTML and how to create Web Content

  • Specialized HTML editors

  • Creating and processing HTML documents

  • Getting everyone in the organization web-literate

   7. HTML Enhancements - Adding the “Wow” Factor

Still using last years technology on your Web site? – Boring!  See all that’s new and exciting for today.  Don’t get left behind.

  • Streaming Audio

  • Streaming Video

  • ShockWave & Flash

  • Dynamic HTML and XML

  • Surround Video

  • VRML

  • SuperScape

   8. Electronic Commerce

Successful electronic commerce focuses on streamlining the customer’s entire experience: from researching options, to customisation, to ordering; from checking order status to order fulfilment and delivery; through payment, billing, and after sale customer service, as well as input into new product development.  A demonstration is worth a thousand words.  Watch and learn.

  • Making it easy for customers to do business with you

  • Electronic Commerce Fundamentals

  • Electronic Transaction Models

  • Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol

  • New developments in transaction security

  • IETF security initiatives

   9. Integrating Legacy Database Systems

Most of your existing vital data resides in databases that were not, and should not, be modified to work on the Web.  Existing applications must remain largely intact and the data integrity and availability must be maintained by automatic Web-based tools.

  • Understanding data-based applications

  • Putting Live data on the Net

  • Database integration tools that work

10. Building Applications

No techno-babble; just a simple focus on how to build effective applications on the Net.

  • Seeing is believing

  • Adding scripting to your server

  • Creating dynamic Web pages with Dynamic HTML

  • Java and JavaScript

  • ActiveX

  • Evaluating the applications development tools

  • Building sample applications

11. Selecting the Server

Choosing the right server is critical.  It can mean the difference between satisfaction and frustration for your users.  Learn how to select the right server and maintain it efficiently so your customers make you their destination of choice.

Choosing a server can be as political as it is technical.  Get all the ammunition you need to support your technical choice politically.

  • Installation and configuration of a PC-based Web Server

  • Evaluating the software platforms: (UNIX, Windows NT, AS/400)

  • In-house vs. Service Provider solutions

  • Outsourcing - The good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Implementing an effective Search Engine

  • Understanding and interpreting server statistics

12. Securing the Server

The greatest fear of an Intranet/Extranet is how easy it is for the wrong people to gain access to your information, and the havoc they can cause.  Learn how to make your network safe.

Hacker activity does not always leave footprints – well placed tripwires can be used to trigger alarms.  How do you detect hackers and what must you do to stop them?

Extranets allow multiple organizations to share information as never before – but what else are you sharing?  Here’s what you can do about these and other security challenges.

  • Hacker detection and rejection

  • Firewalls are not enough

  • Augmenting the firewall

  • The 3 A’s: Access, Authentication, Accountability

  • Proactive monitoring for attacks

  • Security strategies that work

13. If You Build It – Will They Come?

Is your Net site just sitting there in cyberspace?  Looks great but little traffic and little return?  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Money is being made on the Net.  You need to know how to do it.

  • How do you make your Net compelling?

  • Strategic Alignment: How to make your Web Site consistent with your strategic goals

  • Promotion: How to bring a crowd of customers into your Web site

  • Metatags and improving your Search Engine placement

  • Direct Marketing: Sales to anyone, anywhere, anytime

  • Virtual Communities: Let your customers be your product

  • Marketing an Intranet/Extranet to users

  • The 5 C’s of Web marketing

  • Techniques to build customer loyalty and bonding

  • Throw away the stick

  • Grow a bigger carrot

14. Management and Maintenance

If your network goes down, user confidence will not be the only thing you lose.

  • Management and support issues

  • Identifying bottlenecks

  • Achieving high availability

  • Acceptance monitoring

  • Audit and security policy review

  • Trend analysis and forecasting

  • Web Server performance analysis and tuning

15. Future Trends and Directions

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