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TCP/IP Networking

TCP/IP Today: the de-facto "glue" of the networking industry.

TCP/IP combines LANs and WANs to provide Global access for your customers and suppliers.

TCP/IP is shrouded with mystique and there are many secrets. It is easy to make fundamental mistakes which will only reveal themselves as the network grows and becomes unmanageable.

"Real Life" Focus:

u The Step-by-Step Guide allows selection of the optimum combination of options from the vast array available

u Heavy Emphasis on Practical Design, Implementation and Network Management issues

u Combines Case Studies and In Class Demonstrations to describe the correct way to design a network you can grow with

u Develops a methodology to ensure "Reliability." Redundancy, Security, and Maintainability are vital. This network will become the organisation’s nerve centre


All participants receive disks with thousands of relevant reference documents, RFC’s, and Diagnostic tools. In addition, the exclusive Dynamic Electronic Cross Reference ties the 500 page course book to additional information on the WEB. This guarantees a constantly updated reference manual.

Who Should Attend:

This seminar is designed for anyone who needs and in-depth understanding of TCP/IP and all the major issues associated with its implementation. It is intended for both management and technical staff including:

u Network and Communications Managers

u IT and MIS Managers

u Systems Analysts and Programmers

u Network Support Staff

u Systems Engineers

u Network Administrators

u Anyone involved in network planning and design


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