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Understanding Data Communications


The Course with Maximum Relevance

This course has been specially designed to meet the requirements of anyone involved with data communications today.

It is ideally suited for both those who have intensive involvement with Data Communications as well as those who only require a sound grounding in the fundamentals.

This is a totally contemporary state-of-the-art seminar using Multimedia training, on-line demonstrations and extensive practical case studies to ensure maximum relevance.

Key Benefits

u Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of data communications and Networking Essentials. Including:

u Network Components

u Real-World Networks

u Building a LAN

u Configuring The Server

u Configuring the Client

u Administering Your Network

u Remote Access

u Wide Area Networks

u Troubleshooting and Managememt

u Understand the major features of the OSI 7-layer model and defacto standards such as SNA, TCP/IP, DECnet, IPX, and how the two can be integrated to maintain flexibility for the future

u Gain a good understanding of currently available data communications services, both national and international

u Find out the importance, and the pros and cons, of various cabling systems, including coax, twisted pair, fiber optic, wireless, and the flexibility offered by Dedicated Switched Ethernets

u Learn all about the major protocols (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, TCP/IP, MANs, WANs) and how they can be linked to form an integrated network

u Internet, Intranet , and Extranet design guidelines

u Applications and business solutions

u Learn all about future developments and directions. Find out which technologies are likely to become obsolete before you invest in them

Who Should Attend

u Computer and communications personnel who have had little formal exposure to data communications and wish to be brought rapidly up-to-speed

u Technical staff starting out in their information networking education program

u Management personnel who need an understanding of networking and internetworking in order to guide developments within their own organization

u Experienced data communications personnel who wish to update and round out their knowledge and gain new insights into current and emerging methodologies

u All non-technical personnel who need to cut through the fog of business networking

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