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Managing Windows 2000
(Professional and Server)

What You Will Learn:

The time you invest in this premium workshop affords you one luxury Windows sometimes denies - stability.  We’ll give you the tools and techniques you need to increase the reliability and speed of this temperamental operating system so you can get on with the business of managing your resources.  Armed with the vital performance secrets we’ve uncovered, you’ll reap huge time rewards and increase troubleshooting accuracy.

Are you anxious to know what tweaks and tricks you’ll need to make the Windows 2000 installation go smoothly?

Techniques for Rapid Deployment:

  • Create hands-free upgrade installation scripts that save hundreds of hours of labor

  • A 15-minute installation technique that will save your sanity - You cannot live without knowing this!

  • Discover critical troubleshooting files hidden within the Windows installation

Management Tricks:

  • Protect yourself from downtime by learning safe methods for editing the Windows Registry

  • Take control of user desktop preferences and ensure stability with six vital Registry Keys

  • Learn how administrators can control the desktop for more flexibility and fewer troubleshooting problems

  • We demonstrate complete implementation and applications of Registry modification through the System Policy Editor

  • Through unique application of Policies and other techniques, we show you how to make Windows nearly airtight and prevent users from launching any programs but the ones you’ve decided are allowed on your network

  • Remove dangerous functions from user’s desktops and provide easier access to useful utilities and programs

  • Repair corrupted Registry and system files with hidden tools and techniques

  • We’ll provide you with techniques to update multiple systems at one time

  • We also demonstrate several hacks that you can put into practice immediately to make your computers more stable

Troubleshooting Time-Savers:

  • Roll out network-wide Registry changes to all users in just seconds

  • Recover from system crashes rapidly with hidden files

  • Troubleshoot faster by learning to pinpoint the source of errors quickly

Who Should Attend?

  • If you are studying for an MCSE - you need this information

  • If you install, support or use Windows 2000 Professional or Server

  • IS Professionals who evaluate and plan for future software applications

  • Windows users who want to expand their knowledge of Windows 2000 and its wide array of features and tools

  • PC Administrators and Help Desk Personnel who provide support to Windows end users

  • Network Administrators installing or using Windows 2000

  • IS consultants and other professionals who make recommendations to client organizations about Windows 2000, Linux and other operating systems

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