T E L  E C O M M U I C T I O N S   S E R V I C E    P R O V I D E R S
"Decision Enabler & Policy Enforcer"

Telecommunications Service Provider Executives face many critical issues; they need to know the options that are available, the risks and benefits of each option, and the project planning issues.

TNN's exclusive "Decision Enabler & Policy Enforcer" system addresses these key issues:

  • How to become an INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS Provider
  • Does Integration mean upgrading or overlay networks?
  • Can Overlay Networks be Managed as an Integrated Network?
  • Add Value! - Avoid the role of the Dumb Pipe Provider
  • Sell Applications and buy customer Loyalty
  • Impact of New Technologies
  • Use Y2K as a sales tool -
    FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) builds revenue!
  • Security
  • Market Expansion
  • Risk Management

The "Decision Enabler & Policy Enforcer" program is delivered in 4 Phases:

  1. Executive Overview - Consisting of a morning presentation followed by a working lunch to identify the key issues which will be discussed in detail with the technology and policies.
  2. Implementers Training - A two day module covering Architecture, Configuration and Implementation, along with Case Studies focussed on Call Station Optimization, Network Diversification and other pertinent issues identified in the Executive Overview. 
  3. Concensus Building - Involving the Executives and the Implementers.  The result of this phase will be a Concensus Statement detailing the policies, technologies, and priorities which will guide the organization.  We use the latest Consensus Building tools developed at RAND Corp and used by many of the Fortune 100 companies.  These tools usually produce results in half a day but 2 separate half day sessions should be scheduled.
  4. Project Planning  - Create a computerized Project Plan with waypoint and reporting structures so everyone involved is in agreement with the desired outcomes as well as the implementation shedules.