P U B L I C    S E M I N A R    T E S T I M O N I A L S

Designing and Managing Internet/Intranet/E-Commerce Solutions
That Work

"Found it very informative, liked the approach which was very interesting & kept me wondering what was coming next.The demo's were great & helped explain different tools / internet techniques"
Janine Hall / IBM New Zealand

"Just great"
Kenna Howarth / IBM New Zealand

"Oh yes...I would cross the street to listen to Guy Hermann again - you can quote me !"
Ed Forsman / Venture Dynamics Ltd

"Guy’s knowledge of the market and technology is fantastic. Exciting to listen to!"
Trevor Doody – Telstra – Melbourne 5 August 1998

"Obtained some very useful information – thanks Guy"
Maurice Foxcroft – Fremantle Hospital – Perth – 19 May 1998

Information & Network Security

"Well worthwhile having the latest security issues – both network and system reinforced"
John Burgess – Department of Defence – Canberra – 25 August 1998

"A very good seminar which answered many of my questions"
Harald W Hummel – Australian Taxation Office – Canberra – 25 August 1998

"Excellent training - amazing depth of knowledge & delivers it well."
Les Wasley - New Zealand Defence Force - Army

"Great course."
Stephen Wilcox - Resource Solutions Southland Ltd

"Presented highly technical subject in a very relaxed & 'lay' manner - which is typically a very hard thing for a highly technical person to do - Well done !!"
Lindsay Stewart - New Zealand Health Information Service

Supporting & Troubleshooting Windows 95/98

"I've attended several other seminars from different providers, but Guy has been the best presenter ( best prepared, knowledgeable, approachable, best presentation - sounds like the Grammys!!)"
Andrew Gabites / WestpacTrust

"The speaker was excellent & this was accompanied by a presentation which was also of the same standard.  He always seeked questions & was always willing to help now & in the future"
Damien O'Callaghan / WestpacTrust

"Excellent - I really enjoyed the style & content of the presentation.  This seminar will be of excellent value to me & has given me a lot more to think about."
Rohan Cuff / Telecom NZ Ltd

"The seminar was excellent. Guy & his presentation was great because of his ability to keep his audiences attention & the awesome presentation.  There were heaps of things that I never knew!"
Fred Aiulu / WestpacTrust

"As good, (if not better) as any seminar I’ve previously attended – thanks Guy!"
Barry Smith – Road Traffic Authority – Sydney 14 August 1998

"Very well presented, with good content, it was an absolute pleasure to attend the course and have a very knowledgable and entertaining presenter"
Alan Parratt – Bradmill Undare Group – Melbourne 7 August 1998

"Will be a pleasure to recommend the seminar. Love all the Web Sites"
Michael Koranias – Ford Motor Company – 7 August 1998

"Excellent content and thoroughness of presentation…the volume of material presented is huge and is a great resource to anyone who needs to understand Win 95"
Ivan Watt – The Business Planning Group – Sydney – 10 March 1998

"Guy is an excellent speaker, knows his work and presents it well. I enjoyed the course immensely"
Lenka bararon – Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children – Sydney – 12 June 1998

"Super – filled in all the blanks"
Mark Yacopetti – Cockburn Wreckair – Perth 15 May 1998

"Instructor was very knowledgable!"
John Stephens / JM New Zealand

"Informative & humourous"
Angie Stewart / Landrigan Waite

"It was very informative. It reinforced some things I knew & I learned a lot of new things."
Kathryn Tsikanovski / Wellington School of Medicine

Paul Lamb / Datacom Employer Services Limited

Understanding Data Communications for Optimized Networking

" Presentation was very good and the history provided to each topic was excellent"
Chris Smith – Department of Defence – Navy – Sydney 18 March 1998

"Clive brings a knowledge base and enthusiasm to this course that I have rarely seen. Very beneficial and enjoyable"
Paul Brusaschi – Deutsche Bank – Sydney 18 March 1998

"Well presented with good coverage of relevant topics"
Peter Evans – Courts Administration Authority – Adelaide 25 March 1998

"Excellent presentation, Clive was very interesting & very informative.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course."
Warren Grieve - Manukau Institute of Technology

TCP/IP Networking

"Pace of delivery was excellent. Well presented and informative. Will recommend to others"
Peter Williams – Queensland Rail – Brisbane 29 May 1998

"The overall quality was excellent. Clive’s willingness to answer questions "in full" and keep the attention of everyone was most impressive"
Jeff Peters – Biomedical & Health Technology Services – Queensland Health – 29 May 1998

"After attending numerous courses, I am very impressed with the venue, lunch, topics covered and most of all the presenter – Clive Hermann"
Michele Gall – Department of Defence – Melbourne 15 May 1998

"Excellent seminar – look forward to another one with your company"
Dean Gall – Department of Defence – Army – Melbourne 15 May 1998

"Terrific fast paced course. A great leg up for my understanding"
Ralph Forster – Newcrest Mining Limited – 8 May 1998

"For me, this has been an excellent seminar which has exceeded my expectations totally – thank you"
Paul Crewe- NSW Department of Fair Trading – Sydney 20 March 1998

"I have a much better understanding of what's going on with my network now & thus have direction as to how to make my network more efficient."
Simon Gillson - Manukau Institute of Technology