S E R V I C E S    F O R   C O R P O R A T E    E X E C U T I V E S

Customized services for three Niche Markets where our Value Added Proposition maximizes your Risk Avoidance and Revenue Growth

  1. Call Centers
  2. Telecommunications Service Providers
  3. E-Commerce and Commercial Internet Users

Executives and their organizations are faced with many risk-benefit decisions.   They need information and guidance to evaluate the alternative technologies and risks.

One of the major risks is common to all three groups and it is the main area where a clear understanding is essential to cut through all the misinformation.

Insurance Companies have stated that the Y2K Bug is not an insurable liability.   The Year 2000 Problem is neither an act of God nor a catastrophic event.   They claim you had adequate warning: the details of the problem and the appropriate corrective procedures, have been fully documented since 1970.

Some of the most learned Systems Designers and Economists predict there is a 70% probability of a major Economic and Infrastructure collapse.

At a recent Senate Commerce Committee meeting, the Federal Reserve estimated America's final bill for squashing the Millennium Bug at $50 billion.

Lack of “Due Diligence” could wipe out your Pension Funds and Stock Options

Is your Retirement Investment Portfolio all in one stock or commodity?  Of course not!!! - We have all learned that diversification is vital.

Are your Networks diversified?  If a service provider (Voice, Data, or Video) fails, will you have alternate facilities?  Are your networks truly divesified, or do they share Trunks, Central Offices, or even power supplies?

What is the cost of Network Downtime?  How much will it cost you, your stockholders, your customers and your suppliers, if your NETWORK IS DOWN - for an hour, a day, a week, a month or even a quarter?

Part of the Year 2000 will be spent fixing problems, the rest will be filled with litigation.  Everyone from shareholders to suppliers will request compensation for damages incurred.   The attorneys are already being trained!

Year 2000 - Network Diversification or Litigation: The choice is yours

If you choose Network Diversification - we can help - we will provide training to your executives and Senior Management so they can develop clearly stated policies.

We can facilitate Management Concensus Building, and project control with Delphi methodology Software (originally developed at RAND Corp.) as well as Project Management Tools which will graphically show progress and highlight problems.

We have 15 years of Networking Experience - Applied to some of the most Mission Critical systems in the world. 

Call on us to discuss a Custom Designed solution, for you!

Security - If hackers can penetrate your network to gain access to your strategic partners information - are you personally affected?

Are you liable for information Privacy?

Check our Credentials in  Security Training and Consulting.

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