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TNN announces new compression technology to enable Instantaneous Web-Based Training at 28 Kbps 


Los Angeles, CA—October 5, 2000—The NETWORK Network company, a small computer training, consulting and systems networking organization, can now convert your existing training material into multimedia Web-Based Training to run on the Internet, even if the last hop is only a modem at 28 Kbps. This is done without having to sacrifice quality or screen-size to achieve this low bandwidth.

Training material that plays almost instantly at 28 Kbps can include all of the following: 

  • High-quality audio

  • Video

  • Full-screen, full-motion, computer screen movies (captured with tools such as Lotus ScreenCam or Microsoft Camcorder)

  • Interactive computer simulations for reinforcement and testing

  • Intuitive User Interface

  • Consistent with the look-and-feel of your existing training products

In many parts of the world access to the Internet, particularly from home (where most training takes place) is limited to modem speeds. Even in Intranet configurations using LANs, corporations may not be able to provide sufficient bandwidth to each desktop to deploy today's web based training without risking the availability of mission-critical applications or having to totally re-engineer their existing Intranets.

With this new conversion technology, a minimal bandwidth of 28 Kbps is all that is required to provide the End User with training that is both rich and rewarding. The nearly instantaneous response time will put your training materials in a class of their own.

Of course, if more than 28 Kbps is available, TNN's technology can scale automatically to provide higher quality video to the End User’s desktop.

One of the key deployment advantages of TNN's technology, is that it will work on all client platforms and all existing web servers - without requiring streaming software or its associated royalties.

Up till now TNN has kept this technology and its existence a secret and now has a patent pending on it.

To fully understand the impact of this new technology, you have to see it in action, and contrast it to the best that is currently available from Microsoft, Real, and other dedicated training companies. Within a few moments, you will be a true believer.  Want proof? View the on-line demo at: http://www.tnn.com/accelerator.

There are several ways to benefit from TNN's new compression technology:

  • TNN will compress your existing material at a fixed price per minute (bulk-conversion rate discounts are available).
  • Purchase a license agreement - Do your own conversion with your own resources
  • Let TNN develop new content for your existing courses - or create new courses for you

Over the past 16 years TNN has established its reputation as the global authority on Network services for Network providers and provides in-house seminars in the converging telecommunications and networking industries.  With a library of 800 titles, and our rapid course customization techniques, courses can be developed and delivered in under 6 weeks.

Our customers include: Microsoft, Lucent, SBC, Nortel, AT&T, Telstra, Telecom NZ, and the US Air Force.

For more information and a confidential demonstration of TNN's capabilities applied to your environment, or to discuss the potential of this unique technology, contact:

Clive Hermann
The NETWORK Network, Inc.
25461 Barents Street
Laguna Hills, CA  92653
(949) 859-8088 voice
(949) 859-5602 fax