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Promote your ACCOUNT TEAMS to become your business customers CONSULTANTS OF CHOICE

Re: Revenue Building Applications Training

2000 is the year of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Virtual Private Networks, IPVoice, ATM, ADSL, and SDH being promoted by your suppliers and competitors, with the promise of a single line. This may be the appropriate strategy for “green field” telecommunications providers, but will probably not be optimum for you. The only line you care about is going up, and 2000 is the year of incredible opportunity for revenue and profit growth.

Your growth will not come from your traditional market segments (revenue and profit loss here are almost certain!).

Applications for New Services (in many cases using existing technologies) are growing at Internet speeds - 15% per month.

The Single Pipe Mentality misses the mark entirely. We must all recognize that as INFINITY APPROACHES ZERO with 172 Terabits per cable and ever reducing costs. Selling DUMB PIPES is doomed to long-term failure; real profit can only be achieved with the Value Added services of SMART NETWORKS.

Unless your sales teams can effectively position themselves as “The Consultant of choice” in helping your customer “Build Their Revenue Building Applications” you will not only lose revenue but also your most valuable asset: Account Control.

Our training does not replace any of your current training it augments and enhances all of the techniques and technologies your account teams have learned. We will customize our training to integrate with your product, marketing and training plans.

The NETWORK Network Inc. has a well established 15 year record in training Network Applications Selling for such companies as Pacific Bell, Nortel, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Lucent, Bellcore, BellSouth, ICG, in the US and large network users and providers on 5 Continents.

We have Demonstrated Real World Excellence seminars such as:

These may not suit your requirements exactly!  That is our strength.  We build courses specifically to meet your needs.

There is only one way to prove the effectiveness of a training seminar – not course evaluations, but revenue growth.  We are so confident that our training will make a difference, that we will refund the cost of the any seminar if you do not see an immediate increase in revenue from the seminar participants.

Additional Course Outlines,              Evaluations and Credentials

Never before have your network choices been so complex, urgent and Life Threatening!

We have provided training for the Executives of  Integrated Communications Providers for over 15 years to a diverse set of clients, including:

Department of Telecommunications in India (DOT)
Lucent Technologies
Northern Telecom
Pacific Bell

Look through our catalog of available courses and the evaluations of past students - and you will see why we are unique in the industry.

We provide Training and Consulting oriented to the Applications of Technology.

Our courses are mostly custom designed to the specific needs of our clients.  When Engineers, Service Technicians or Sales People invest their time we ensure that they get a maximized return.  Information that is up-to-date and relevant includes the leading-edge developments and is immediately applicable.

Customization, Exceptional Quality and Rapid Course Development Times ranging from  4 to 6 weeks from request to delivery ensure guaranteed excellence.

We can not only meet your needs, we can also assist you in defining and prioritizing what your specific training needs really are.

At TNN, we have brought together several uniquely qualified individuals and organizations to form an alliance with a single goal.  Provide the best level of service and expertise to the Telecommunications Industry in helping build and leverage strategic applications of the Intelligent Network.  To this end, we have assembled a unique team to satisfy your most difficult training and implementation needs.

TNN helps our client companies to profit in an increasingly competitive and technologically challenging business environment. We conduct seminars, workshops, and hands-on training for all levels of management that reflect the latest knowledge and techniques in business strategy, information technology, and telecommunications. Our courses not only instruct participants in the operation of particular information and management technologies, but also explain why such technologies are critical to job performance, customer satisfaction, and organizational success.

Our training services are distinguished by:

  • A breadth of experience and expertise in all key subject matters.
  • A seasoned team of instructors with practical, day-to-day management and decision-making experience from a variety of industry sectors.
  • Practical, forward-looking instruction rooted in an in-depth understanding of national and international markets.
  • High-value, time-sensitive training delivered at your own facility and on your own schedule.
  • Available tools that provide on-going education and training for individuals and groups.

Our specific education and training services include:

  • Strategic Management
    We review business transformation goals and strategies for achieving a competitive advantage in national and global business endeavors.
  • Information Technology: Telecommunications
    We review the markets, applications, and technologies pertaining to emerging technologies and trends affecting the telecommunications industry, including the Internet, ATM, SONET/SDH, AIN, SS7.
  • Information Technology: Data Communications
    We help you to understand data communications, client/server systems, frame relay, SMDS, SNA, and LANs.
  • Information Technology: Information Systems
    We review information systems and technology designed to promote corporate efficiency and international competitiveness.
  • Information Technology: Applications
    We review the information technology applications for efficient and competitive business management.
  • Information Technology: Hands-On Training
    We provide state-of-the-art software and programming training that help to create productive and efficient working environments.
  • Management Development Skills
    We provide training in leadership skills, oral and written communications, and personal development of managers and employees to enhance teamwork, morale, and productivity.
  • Sales and Marketing
    We help you to understand end-customer needs, find new revenue opportunities, and address competitive threats and new market trends.