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These are some of the books that are recommended for various subjects covered in our live Seminar series.  Ordering from this page will actually take you to Amazon.com to finish the order process.

Windows 95 Books:

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The Windows 95 Registry isn't just for professional system administrators. John Woram's The Windows 95 Registry: A Survival Guide for Users provides an excellent end-user's introduction to the registry, how to work with it, and what it can do for you.  Order the Windows 95 Registry: A Survival Guide for Users!
win95rx.gif (6316 bytes) A troubleshooting handbook and complete first-aid kit for the Windows 95 PC. Win95 users will learn to troubleshoot all types of problems and errors, from maintenance and configuration to recovering from total system crashes. Preventive as well as corrective, the book will teach readers how to avoid most problems they can encounter as well as how to prepare for emergencies.  Order Win95 Rx: Remedies for Win95 Ailments.
1565922662.GIF (5160 bytes) If you've ever installed Windows 95, reinstalled Windows 95, wished you had never installed Windows 95, or are stalled just at the thought of Windows 95, you need this book on your shelf. Windows 95 Secrets, Fourth Edition, is the kind of reference book that operating systems should ship with. Since it may be awhile until that day comes, it's good to know that someone is publishing the information.  Order Windows 95 Secrets.

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The premise of Windows Annoyances is that Windows 95 and Windows NT are pretty dreadful until you've performed a healthy amount of customization work.  If you are a long-time supporter of this premise, you'll appreciate this eclectic grab bag of techniques for fixing major weaknesses, curing minor annoyances, and boosting overall performance.  Order Windows Annoyances.

Intranet Books:

21STINTRANET.GIF (12733 bytes) Jennifer Stone Gonzalez sees intranets as more than mere enhancements of corporate communications; she sees them as exciting tools for revitalizing the corporate environment and the people who work there. The 21st Century Intranet is written for people who want to champion the development on intranets within their organization and who want to ensure that the systems developed add value to the organization and excitement to the workplace.  Order The 21st-Century Intranet.
UNDERSTANDINGINTRANETS.GIF (15004 bytes) Tyson Greer's clear writing and engaging personality make riding the intranet learning curve fun. She starts with a good-natured rant about the confusion caused by the term "intranet." Greer then gives you an overview of intranet basics, a brief history of how intranets evolved from "mainframe culture" and then a look at the considerations that should go into developing a corporate intranet. She examines the option to trade information with other organizations through extranets, publicizes the risks inherent in intranet systems, and discusses a variety of worthwhile uses for intranets, from corporate publishing to distance learning.   Order Understanding Intranets.


With complete coverage of the implementation steps for creating an Intranet for one's organization, this text takes users from an entry level understanding of Intranet-applicable Web technologies, up to the full creation and maintenance. It contains case studies of corporations using intranets and gives real-world exercises that allow users to grasp the intricacies of design, navigation, training, HTML, graphics, server configuration, and more.  Order Corporate Intranet Development.
BUILDINGWEBSITE.GIF (6945 bytes) This is a hands-on reference for Windows(R) 95 and Windows NT(TM) users who want to host a site on the Web or on a corporate intranet. This step-by-step guide will have you creating live Web pages in minutes. You'll also learn how to connect your web to information in other Windows applications, such as word processing documents and databases. The book is packed with examples and tutorials on every aspect of Web management, and it includes the highly acclaimed WebSite(TM) 1.1 server software on CD-ROM.  Order Building Your Own Website.

Network Security:

HACKERPROOF.GIF (11472 bytes) Hacker Proof: The Ultimate Guide to Network Security provides a detailed examination of the security concepts network administrators, programmers, and Webmasters must know. Nonprogrammers will readily understand security threats and the steps they must perform to prevent them. Programmers will be thrilled with the detailed programming examples that demonstrate how hackers penetrate the most secure computer systems. The book's companion CD-ROM includes software users can run to test their system's security.  Order Hacker Proof: The Ultimate Guide to Network Security.

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