Today and Beyond 2000
Course Outline

The Business Issues

1.           Broadband Business Drivers
        Business applications that DEMAND Broadband
        Customer “pleasing” services
        Business essentials 101 – Global Speed
2.           Network Strategic Planning = Post Y2K
        Understanding the difference between Tactics and Strategy
3.           The Need For Multi-Protocol Support
4.           Profiting From The ALL-IN-ONE Global Network
5.           “Where Zero Meets Infinity”
        Negligible Cost For Virtually Limitless Bandwidth
        Gerry Butters President Of Lucent Optical Networking Group
6.           More Speed – Least Cost
        Billing Systems that cost more than they Bill?
        Will customers accept variable cost billing
        How will Operating Support Systems need to change?
        Can A Telecom Manager Live with a budget they cannot control
        Fixed price billing – Making it easy for the customer
7.           ATM The Common Glue
        The customer still is looking for a “cloud” with a standardized access
        Is ATM this standardized access
        LAN Emulation
8.           Are You Ready for the Real Telecommunications Revolution
        Electrons gives way to Photonics


9.           Why Telecommunications R/Evolution outperforms Computers
10.       Understanding Layered Protocols
        The ISO Seven Layer Model – Your Key to the understanding
        Physical Layer
        Link Layer
        Network Layer
        Transport Layer
        Session Layer
        Presentation Layer
        Application Layer
11.             De-Facto Network Architecture – 7 Layers in The Real World
12.       Fiber Optics
        173 Terabits Tomorrow’s unbelievable facts – delivered Today
        Why a generation of Photonics is measured in Months
        Bell-Labs The Laser and Dense Wave Division Multiplexing
13.       ATM Overview
        From Packet Switching to Frame Relay – The technology drivers
        A view of X.25 layer 2 – the ubiquitous HTML
        Why HTML limits speed
        Fixed Length Packets = Cells
        ATM Physical Layer
        ATM Link Layer
14.       Is ATM Perfect?
15.       ATM Alternatives
16.       ATM’s Many Faces
17.       SDH The Complete Picture
        Understanding SONET and SDH
        BELLCORE’s Vision
        Using The 7 Layers for comprehension
        SDH Physical Layer
        SDH Link Layer
        SDH Network Layer
        SDH Transport Layer
        SDH Session Layer
        SDH Presentation Layer
        SDH Application Layer
18.       The ALL Optical Cross connect
 19.       BISDN- A unifying Architecture
20.       One Picture Reveals Many Pieces
21.       ATM And The Internet
22.       ATM And Internetworking
23.       IPV6 And ATM
24.       LAN Emmulation
25.       SNA on ATM
26.       IP Voice on  ATM?
27.       Do we need IP on ATM?
28.       Isn’t TCP the Glue – TCP/IP aren’t married just sleeping together


29.       Moving The Application Layer Intelligence Out Of The Switches
        Advantages Of A Stupid Network
        Why Duplicate Intelligence If It Already Exists At The Ends?
        TCP/IP – The Ultimate Example Of A Stupid Network
30.       XML The New Presentation Layer
31.       WANs And LANs
32.       Technologies Competing With ATM
33.       The Rise Of The Stupid Network
34.       E-Commerce = E-Business
35.       Security – Firewalls, Proxies, and VPN
36.       Enterprise-Wide Collaboration

Network Management

37.       Managing a Terabit Office
38.       Traffic Management
39.       Congestion Control
40.       Configuration
41.       Integrated Bandwidth Manager


42.       Future Trends and Directions