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T C P / I P
N e t w o r k i n g


TCP/IP Implementation Techniques:
  • Exploit powerful new features like Classless InterDomain Routing (CIDR), variable length subnet masking (VLSM), Supernetting, and RSVP
  • Uncover hidden parameters and switches
  • Maximize and configure DNS and WINS services
  • Minimize IP configuration errors with DHCP

Integrating TCP/IP
with Legacy Protocols:

  • Incorporate the best of both worlds
  • Avoid using encapsulation and tunneling except where necessary
  • Consolidate Directories using MAD, X500, or NDS
  • Get the real scoop on enterprise directories and access control

TCP/IP Configuration Tips:

  • Learn efficient IP addressing schemes to reduce future troubleshooting
  • Build Hybrid networks, using the best switches and routers
  • Get inside Subnet masking and create custom subnets
  • Maximize Class C licenses with CDIR or Supernetting
  • Reinforce reliability with redundancy and fail-safe
  • Monitor proactively so as to pick up trends and attacks

Save Money by using
Voice over IP:
  • Save up to 80% on voice traffic monthly costs
  • Deploy a FAX network which will provide higher quality service for 10% of your current costs
  • Combine Voice, Data, and Video using multicasting and RSVP

Troubleshooting TCP/IP:

  • Restore damaged IP configuration database files
  • Gather automatic information on background processes
  • Understand all components of the TCP/IP protocol suite and how they affect performance
  • Increase speed with the secret #PRE and WIN tweaks

Improve TCP/IP Security:

  • Safeguards you need to know to protect your data from the malicious and curious
  • Security holes you need to patch now
  • Stand Watch over your network with packet sniffing
  • Implement firewalls and network isolation techniques

Guidance for the Future:

  • Understand IPv6 and how it will be implemented
  • Enhance new policies and protocols for data security, provacy, and integrity

Presented by internationally acclaimed expert:
Clive Hermann


What You Will Learn | Outline | About the Instructor | Other Courses

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