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M a n a g i n g 
W i n d o w s   2 0 0 0

 ( P r o f e s s i o n a l   a n d   S e r v e r ) 

Shift your Windows 2000 systems into High Gear!

Get up to speed fast!  In just three days, this seminar will give you the inside knowledge and up-to-the-minute techniques you need for effectively managing the installation and support of Windows 2000 Professional and Server.  You will see live demonstrations of the most important aspects of Windows 2000's design and operation.

Get under the hood to see the inner workings of Windows 2000 to understand it as you never could have before.  Learn all you need to know to successfully install, support, troubleshoot and optimize Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server.

  • Learn to make Windows 2000 more reliable
  • Get the answers to the most critical questions plaguing 2000 administrators
  • Discover the powerful new compatibility tests hidden in Windows 2000
  • Learn the best techniques for configuring and partitioning disk subsystems
  • Ensure foolproof, successful installations - every time!
  • Learn undocumented tricks for unattended scripted installations
  • Master the Uniqueness Difference Files to automate multiple installations
  • Unleash the power of SYSDIFF.EXE to distribute applications and data to thousands of users across your network
  • Learn the simple way to add multiple new users
  • Discover shortcuts and tips for setting up your domains and workgroups
  • Tap the power of System Policy Editor - the critical system administration tool you can’t live without
  • See which third-party products enhance Windows 2000 and which ones need to be avoided
  • Why are most third-party utilities a “no-no” with Windows 2000?  What can go wrong?
  • Anticipate and prevent potential problems before they affect you and your users
  • How to properly configure all the tools that help you minimize support costs (reduce TCO)
  • Where to turn after everything else you’ve tried fails


Presented by internationally acclaimed expert:
Guy Hermann


What You Will Learn | Outline | About the Instructor | Other Courses