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Information and Network Security

Information systems in today’s networked enterprise face an unprecedented range of vulnerabilities: fraud, sabotage, viruses, hacking, and system failure. The risks have never been greater, and the penalties have never been more severe.

We will demonstrate that 62% of all systems
can be penetrated in less than 30 minutes

More than half of all attacks will come
from inside your own organization

This authoritative, state-of-the-art seminar (designed to meet the needs of both IT and Business Managers) provides an outstanding opportunity to assess the true degree of your exposure, and explains the steps you need to take to secure your organization’s information and networks.


  • Security breaches - the industry's "dirty little secret"
  • Security in a globally networked world - special challenges of electronic commerce, the internet, intranets, and extranets
  • Developing a security policy - what it must include to be effective
  • What to do when you are attacked
  • Investigate the Vulnerability, Risks, Threats, and Counter-Measures that can impact the Reliability, Integrity, and Security of your information
  • Traditional security solutions - Firewalls, Passwords and Proxies - often provide a false sense of security; learn how to enforce your policies
  • Understanding the main security challenges and vulnerabilities facing today’s networked enterprise

Presented by internationally acclaimed expert:
Clive Hermann


What You Will Learn | Outline | About the Instructor | Other Courses

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