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Information & Network Security

 Security Today:

There is an increasing sense of urgency as organisations learn that information is simultaneously one of their most valuable and one of their most fragile assets.

Increasing dependence on networked computer systems has meant that the risks and penalties of an unsecured environment have become increasingly severe.

There is not an operating system or application program that does not have known vulnerabilities. We will take a hackers view and demonstrate how they use published tools to exploit these to penetrate your systems.

Unless you know how you can be attacked, you cannot effectively defend yourself. "Know your enemy" means understanding how they are breaking into your systems and covering their tracks, and the actions you must take to prevent these attacks.

Taking a hackers view is a key in protecting your system. Find the vulnerabilities and safe methods to fix them.

This seminar promotes a Proactive-Interactive-Methodology which will keep you one step ahead of the enemy.

This course provides a state-of-the-art authoritative exploration of security as it applies in the modern computing environment. It will help you develop and implement policies and techniques to ensure that you do not become a member of the casualty list.

What You Will Learn:

Information systems in today’s globally-networked world face an unprecedented range of vulnerabilities - fraud, sabotage viruses, hacking, and system failure. As organizations move further and further down the "Information Superhighway" the risks have never been greater, and the penalties have never been more severe.

 u Competitive intelligence is a science designed to get the winning edge. What secrets do your competitors know about your plans? If you leave the door unlocked you can’t be surprised if someone invites themselves in. So don’t make it easy.

u ActiveX, JAVA, Cookies, Remote Objects, all aid an intruder. Find out how to get the benefits of these products while minimizing the security problems associated with their use.

u Organizations are increasingly adopting e-mail as their preferred form of communication, but in doing so they become vulnerable to a host of new dangers. E-mail can be surprisingly un-confidential. It can also be used to deliver a Trojan Horse or worse. Find out how to make your email secure, and how to protect yourself and your organization.

u Denial of Service attacks are now commonplace. Could they wipe you out? Find out what to do to prevent this happening.

u Crackers have probed almost 90% of information systems connected to the Internet. This gets the publicity, but more than 70% of attacks come from within the organization, so firewalls alone will not solve your problem! This course will teach you how to design and implement a policy to really secure your information and networks.

u In many countries, if your organization stores data on an individual and that information is acquired and used in an illicit manner, your organization is then liable. In fact you may be personally liable if you have not "performed due diligence", learn how to limit your vulnerability.

u We will take a hackers view of systems and networks: not pretty but vital. Actual hacking demonstrations will allow you to take a Hackers view of your system, and learn to protect it from the real enemy.

Who Should Attend:

u Managers who need to understand information security in modern computing environments in order to better guide developments within their organizations.

u IT Managers, Network Managers and other IT professionals who need to know how to ensure that their information systems are safe.

u Organizations engaged in planning, building, or supporting complex information systems.

u Seasoned security practitioners looking for an authoritative and unbiased review of the latest developments and thinking in their area


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