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Understanding Data Communications




1. Present and Future Trends - How They Will Affect You

u Enterprise Networks

u Computers and Communications

u Information Collaboration

u International Standards

u Impact of Graphics on Networks

u The Information Superhighway

2. Applications From The Real World

u Sharing Information

u Sharing Hardware Resources

u Sharing Software Resources

u Securing and protecting Information

u Electronic Mail

u Electronic Document Interchange

u Teleconferencing

u Multimedia

Standards: A Practical View

3. International Standards

u Goals

u The Standards Committees

u Functions, Protocols & Interfaces

u Layer 1- The Physical Layer

u Layer 2 - The Link Layer

u Layer 3 - The Network Layer

u Layer 4 - The Transport Layer

u Layer 5 - The Session Layer

u Layer 6 - The Presentation Layer

u Layer 7 - The Application Layer

u The OSI Model in the Real World

4. De Facto Standards


u The World Wide Web

u Other Internet Protocols

u Frame Relay, Packet and Cell Switching

u ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)


5. Moving Bits

u The movements of bits through a media

u Digital vs. Analog and the conversion process

u Modems - Asynchronous and Synchronous

u Half-duplex and full-duplex

u What is a "Smart" Modem?

u CCITT Recommendations

6. Media Selection

u Twisted Pair

u Baseband Coax

u Broadband Coax

u Fiber Optics

u Wireless

u Satellite

7. Protocols Explained

u What is a protocol?

u Error Detection

u Optimum Block-Size Calculation

u Xmodem - Ymodem - Zmodem


u TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)


u SNA (Systems Network Architecture)

8. Demonstrations - Seeing is Believing

u Internet, Intranet, Extranet

u Understand what you are seeing

u The Underlying Protocols

u File Transfer

u Protocol Conversion

u Encryption

u Distributed Databases

u X.400 - World wide Messaging

u Competing Message Standards

u Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Networking Essentials

9. LANs Explained

u Benefits

u Topologies

- Star, Star-Burst, Bus, Ring

u Access Mechanisms

u Ethernet

- 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps & gigabit

- Switched

u IBM Token Ring

u Network Operating Systems

- Novell

- Windows NT BackOffice


10. Interconnecting LANS

u Hubs

u Stackable Hubs

u Wiring Concentrators

u Repeaters

u Bridges

u Routers

u Switches

u Gateways

11. Network Design and Performance - A Real-Life case-study of Growth with Flexibility

u Building a Department LAN

u Building a Branch LAN

u Linking to Head Office

u Building an Enterprise Wide Client Server Network

u Negotiating with phone companies

12. New Technologies

u Frame Relay




u Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH or SONET)

u Virtual Private Networks


13. Network Management and Security

u Hacking

u Privacy

u What To Do When It Does Go Wrong - A Guarantee

u Network Management Dictatorship - Not The Place For Democracy!

u Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

u Comparison of Commercial Network Management Products

u Help Desk

14. New Strategies

u Intranets

u Extranets

u 3-Layer Client/Server

u Internal and External views of networks

u Moving the distribution channels closer to your customer

u Information management

15. Future Trends and Directions

u Avoiding Career Limiting Decisions


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