S E C U R I T Y   C R E D E N T I A L S

Over the past 30 years, a principal of TNN (Mr. Clive Hermann) has been responsible for the design and implementation of some of the most secure "Mission Critical" systems in the world.

Some of Clive’s Secure Information Systems designs include: CACCI SecureNet for the Strategic Command of the U.S. Air Force, HKTDC - The Global TradeNet Network for the Hong Kong Trade Development Commission, ESCOM - the National Electrical Power Grid for South Africa and GMADON - the General Motors Dealer Order Entry Network.

These networks are considered benchmarks of secure systems in highly vulnerable environments.

A unifying theme for all these projects is the recognition that truly secure systems integrate Security Policies that pervade the entire spectrum of Database, Application, Operating System and Network design.

This integrated approach to security is key to Clive’s consulting work with today’s leading-edge secure networks such as the Telephone Billing Systems for emerging telecommunications companies in India, and his choice as a guest speaker on "Modern Security Systems" at the Telecommunications Association Annual meeting in San Diego.

Clive works extensively with communications giants such as AT&T, Bell Labs, LUCENT Technologies, and BellSouth.

Clive Hermann is president of The NETWORK Network, Inc. a leading-edge US-based company specializing in all aspects of computer networking, strategic analysis policy guidelines, management, implementation and training