F A C U L T Y  -  J O H N   E N R I G H T

John Enright has been working with computers since 1973, and teaching about them since 1981.  He has worked at all levels of the computer business from retail to manufacturing, with an ephasis on training.  Since starting to teach seminars in 1984, John has taught over 1200 seminars (and still counting).  His seminars have taken him throughout the world, and his companies have offices in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

John has written and published or co-authored 37 books on topics ranging from Wordstar and Wordperfect through to Windows NT, Linux, Java, and PC Hardware.  He has alos written more than 50 seminars dealing with everything from basic computer skills, through to LAN Design, and hardware troubleshooting Windows NT.

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