F A C U L T Y  -  G U Y   H E R M A N N - MCT, MCSE, MCP

Guy Hermann is Senior Consultant with The NETWORK Network, Inc., a US-based company specializing in leading-edge training of networking and desktop computing.

Guy has an extensive practical background with more than 20 years of experience in developing distributed applications for several industries in the manufacturing, retail and services sectors.  His client list includes Anderson Consulting, AT&T, Hughes Aerospace, IBM, Microsoft, Lucent, Pacific Bell, Northern Telecom, Optus, Shell, Telstra, TransAmerica Insurance, Viking Components, and Vons Supermarkets. 

Mr. Hermann surfs the leading edges of technology.  For the past several years Guy’s particular focus has been on the move in desktop computing towards network-centric computing, and on the way this has become a key factor in the dramatic explosion in the use of the Internet in business.  He developed a distributed database system (based on one of the very first GUIs) that was chosen by the US Olympic Committee and IBM for use in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles and has continued to work extensively in this area ever since.  He has also, for a number of years, acted as both Graphics and Technical Director for a monthly data communications television training broadcast for AT&T and Lucent.

Along with consulting and custom programming projects, Guy Hermann is a much sought-after speaker who writes, directs and conducts training seminars on topics such as Designing Graphical User Interface Applications, Supporting and Troubleshooting the Windows Environment (Windows 95, Windows 3.1x and Windows NT), and Customizing and Supporting Microsoft.  Not to mention his highly acclaimed series of seminars on the Internet, Intranets, and the World Wide Web.

Guy is highly regarded for his practical “how to” approach, and for his ability to communicate with his audiences and to make learning a pleasurable experience.  He draws on an innate ability to reduce complex leading-edge technologies into easily understandable concepts and relate them in a framework that is easy to remember. He consistently receives outstanding reviews.  His seminars are presented in many countries around the world including USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

 Some Highlights:

        Viking Components - Development of integrated client/server application to integrate accounting, manufacturing, and R&D for one of the largest manufacturers of computer memory in the USA

        Direct Memory - Memory Configuration Guide for making appropriate memory recommendations to consumers based on type of computer, operating system, and typical usage - runs stand-alone under Windows, and also works with a web browser across the Internet

        Lucky Supermarkets - Design of shop-at-home application that facilitates consumers using their computers to purchase their groceries across the Internet

        ALC Training - Seminars throughout Australia and New Zealand

        Professional Development Associates - Seminars in England, Ireland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand

        Video Tape Training - Added over 700 hours of Network Specific training videos to TNN's curriculum

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