C O U R S E   C A T A L O G

Available In-House Seminars:

  • Information and Network Security
  • Managing Windows 2000 (Professional and Server)
  • Network Service Provider to Application Server Provider Transition Training
  • Advanced Intelligent Networks and ONA: The RBOC’s Future
  • Applications of Networks: Voice, Data and Image, Public and Private
  • Bandwidth on Demand: For Voice, Data, and Image Applications
  • Broadband Networks - T1’s and Greater: Today’s Need and Tomorrow’s Promise
  • Computer Hardware and Software to Supercharge your Workgroups
  • Computer Interconnections, Centrex and PBX’s: Your Intelligent Network
  • Data Applications: Open Networks to Global Markets
  • Designing and Managing Internet/Intranet/E-Commerce Solutions That Work!
  • Designing and Managing a Successful Intranet/Extranet
  • Designing, Implementing and Managing TCP/IP Networks
  • Do You Need Office 2000?
  • Downsizing Systems for Flexibility and Responsiveness
  • Dumb Pipes vs. Intelligent Networks - Your Network is getting smarter - ARE YOU?
  • Electronic Business - Profit From It Now!
  • Exploiting Information and Network Security
  • Hubs, Bridges, Routers and Gateways The building blocks for Enterprise Networks
  • IBM SNA Networks: Partnerships for Profit
  • Industry Update: Telco Strategies, Competition, and Technology
  • Installing and Managing Windows NT 4.0
  • Installing and Optimizing Windows NT
  • Integrating Networks using Windows NT 4.0 and BackOffice
  • Integrating Voice, Data, Video and Fax
  • LANs MANs WANs To link your Information
  • LANs, MANs, and WANs: Gateways, Bridges, and Interconnection
  • Local Area Network Interconnections: Gateways for Productivity
  • Lotus Notes
  • National ISDN-One: Will it Now Affect You?
  • Network Management and Disaster Avoidance
  • Network Management Today
  • Network Management: Providing Customer Control to Gain Account Control
  • Novell's IntranetWare
  • PC Networking: Demonstrations of Present Reality
  • Seeing the Light: Fiber Optics and the Future
  • Successful E-Mail - Making it Work for You
  • Supporting & Troubleshooting BackOffice
  • Supporting & Troubleshooting Linux
  • Supporting & Troubleshooting Office 97
  • Supporting & Troubleshooting Office 2000
  • Supporting & Troubleshooting Windows 2000
  • Supporting & Troubleshooting Windows NT
  • Supporting & Troubleshooting Windows 95/98
  • Synthesis and Synergy: Network Case Studies for Success
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • The New Network Paradigm - Partnerships for Interoperability
  • The OSI model and TCP/IP
  • Understanding Data Communications
  • Winning with ISDN

In-House Seminars

All of these seminars can be presented in-house, customized to your exact specifications.  We also have a large library of course-modules to draw on should you require training on a subject not listed here.

We use state-of-the-art rapid development and deployment techniques, should you need a seminar developed for you.  

Money-Back Guarantee

We know you will be satisfied.  We guarantee it!

Let us know if there is a seminar that you want that is not on this list.