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Winning With ISDN - An Applications Approach


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Mastering Data Communications


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Information & Network Security


Supporting & Troubleshooting Windows 95/98


Evaluations From
"Classroom of the Future"
Produced in Partnership with Lucent

"I am very impressed with Mr. Hermann, I hope to take other courses from him – one of the most knowledgeable professionals that I have met. ( I most benefited from) the ISO OSI overview and his explanation of the 7 layers. (I also enjoyed) Clive's mini lessons and how he addressed questions, comments, etc."

"Excellent presence – wealth of experiences, willing to offer opinions (and label them as opinions). The sidelights in this course would be extremely useful to people who are selling ISDN or planning to sell it – Clive’s vision of ways to sell ISDN could be extremely important to our future."

"The graphics, the demos, the discussions, and the portion of the LAN architecture evolution was particularly help to me in understanding and putting together all the pieces. The more often I attended a Clive instructed class, the greater is my appreciation for his knowledge and expertise. He brings a non-BOC perspective to our discussions and miraculously is not in any way condescending to all of us BELL HEADS – Bravo, Bravo."

"Content was very informative and factual, Clive is a forward thinking person and is able to take today’s data and compile it conceptually with graphics and animations. He understands where we are going in the future."

TNN’s Executive Seminars
What the Executives are Saying!

Network Management Systems

"Continue to value Clive’s knowledge of our company & our competition and his perspective on our relative positions, strengths, weaknesses, etc. - seems to have vast knowledge - makes us think about marketing & customer perspective. Important to keep offering this series locally."

Julie West - Ohio Bell

"All of the info is so interesting - all of this class is great!!! Clive is a superb instructor. He brings to any and all of his classes an outside objective view that we need to hear and hopefully act on to protect and ‘grow’ Ameritech."

Peg Pigman - Ohio Bell

"The entire Network Management Course directly related to my current assignment. Clive is very knowledgeable in the telecommunications field. His Ameritech experience and perspectives really help bring the subject ‘home’."

Bonnie Weiner - Ohio Bell

"Clive is very good - his ability to place theory in current realities is refreshing."

Bill Moore - Ohio Bell

"As usual, Clive does an excellent job. He is very knowledgeable of the subject matter, he is current & understands Ameritech’s business position - I enjoy his comments regarding the future & opportunities that are possible."

Jim Puflea - Ohio Bell

"Clive’s knowledge constantly astounds me. Makes distinction between fact and opinion which is very helpful."

Nancy Driggs - Ohio Bell

"The entire course was of value - its good to hear an outside experts perception of the future and our strengths and weaknesses. Clive is an excellent instructor and possesses a high level of knowledge of the business."

John Aulicino - Ohio Bell

"The demos were great; also, the examples of what the world business community / corporations are doing. Very current info provided in this course. As before, Clive is very professional & knowledgeable. You are very current in information! Some of the acronyms are still tough to get a handle on - good that you devote a section in the book to this."

Kathy Maydak - Wisconsin Bell

"The entire seminar was especially useful, particularly the overview of Netview. As always, Clive’s presentation/delivery and knowledge of the material was excellent. He provided new insite into the subject matter."

Fred Tillman - Wisconsin Bell

"Excellent style - I appreciated the wealth of background and first hand knowledge and the demonstrations. Excellent balance in the material."

"Outstanding as usual - in all aspects. Keep asking those controversial questions!"

Tom Talty - ASI

"I got an excellent feel for the issues facing our industry in the Data and Network Management areas. Clive is very knowledgeable & energetic in his delivery. Course preparation and material is very complete and easy to follow."

Jerome Polasky - Wisconsin Bell

Winning With ISDN - An Applications Approach
Presented To Bell Atlantics Top-Selling ISDN Teams

 "Mr. Hermann stimulated opportunity for individual resourcefulness. Global perspective, potential for ISDN are key to viability of creating a meaningful short and long range, integrated product plan."

"Wake me up! Shake me! Show me where I have been and where I ought to be!"

"Course was the most professional presentation I have been associated with at Bell Atlantic! Graphics and visual displays were excellent. Course should be taught over several days to allow for more discussion and time to absorb concepts presented."

"This course should be required throughout Bell Atlantic at the upper management level - not for the ISDN applications themselves, but for the questions and considerations it raises concerning our deployment of new technologies. I think it definitely pointed up our concerns."

"Excellent job! Great integrity. Exceptional understanding of the environment and the subject matter. Good job of pacing the material to the needs of the class. Refreshing candor!"

"It is extremely valuable to have an outside source teach this class. His point of view is informative & refreshing. We need more! Keep him coming on all of the new technologies."

"Fantastic! - The best aspect is that Mr. Hermann is not Bell Atlantic. This was critical to the high level vantage point. We need to give him access to Mr. Seazholtz, et al."

"This course has been much more than I originally expected. I found Clive more well versed and universal in his knowledge than any Bell Atlantic instructor I've listened to in 5 years. His knowledge is global and interesting in both content and delivery. I felt motivated and encouraged to learn throughout the entire class. I wish we had more instructors of this caliber available to us more often."

"Give me more! This is such a breath of fresh air."

"When does upper management get this? Course ought to be given to all. We need to see the big picture. Thank You for my chance."

"Mr. Hermann was exceptional!"

"Extremely good presentation. For the first time in many years, an individual giving a seminar on Telecommunications completely held my attention. Mr. Hermann was exceptional!"

Broadband Networks and Trends

"This course provided a good basic understanding of SONET, ATM, etc. Clive is a great instructor and keeps it interesting - and understandable!"

Peg Pigman - Ohio Bell

"All of the material was most useful - material was presented in a logical sequence. Clive was excellent as usual - Clive always includes very good examples and explains things in lay terms."

Eloise Wilson - Ohio Bell

"The entire course was useful, especially the overview portion of how SONET, Etc. will fit in or could fit in to our present network. As usual - Clive does an excellent job. His oral ability coupled with his technical knowledge provides an excellent base for presentation of a rather difficult subject."

Jim Puflea - Ohio Bell

"Everything was excellent. It helps to get an idea of the different perspectives my peers have about the evaluation of our business infrastructure. Clive gave Another Outstanding Performance!!"

Mile Coles - Ohio Bell

"There is no question that Clive rates high in presentation/delivery skills, level and knowldege of subject matter, ability to handle questions effectively, etc. His level of detail is deeper that I require. However, the questions from others are never outside his range of knowledge."

Fletcher Pereer - ASI

"Metropolitan Area Networks, Frame Relay, Cell, SMDS & Fiber to the Curb were most fascinating. Clive Hermann: Excellent presentation, good explanation of complex concepts - analogies & ‘stories’ helpful, knowledge of AIT position is helpful."

Barb Hykes - Ohio Bell

"The insight into whats happening in the Broadband Arena was most useful. Always enjoy Clive’s perspective on whats happening re: technology & competition - makes me thyink differently, broadens by thinking. Still feel he is excellent. Presentation technology he uses is superior to straight slides and other methods used in previous sessions. I hope that our 4th/5th levels are also getting this information. We need a way to socialize this info (and add to it) on an on-going basis"

Julie West - Ohio Bell

Mastering Data Communications

"The explanation of the ISO/OSI layers was most useful - have been hearing the terminology for a while - class offered a great deal of information - ISDN insight was also extremely helpful. Clive is very knowledgeable - good insight into telecommunications busienss - he did a great job keeping the interest of his audience. More important, he sent us back to the office to think about where we need to go & how we can get there."

Mary Kapa - Michigan Bell

"Everything was explained at an understandable level. Everything was Excellent! I’ve never said this about any class before!"

George Adams - Michigan Bell

"Clive has a good challenging style. Thought provoking, articulate, knowledgeable. Overview material was excellent and at the right level of detail."

Richard Miller - Michigan Bell

"Excellent on All Accounts!!! Thanks Clive."

Brien O’Shell - Michigan Bell

"The course met all of my expectations. I felt the use of graphics and animations significantly contributed to its attractiveness. Clive was splendid. Presentation style was fine - knowledgable and encouraged participation. Nice Job!"


"Perfect presentation - I finally understood all of the terms. Clive was excellent. Good style, knowledge, provacative & easy to understand and identify with."

Douglas Jeremy - Michigan Bell

"Clive gave an excellent presentation, well prepared, clear instructions were presented. Clive is an outstanding instructor. The entire course was useful."

Theodore Ferguson - Michigan Bell

"Clives overview of the future networks and the potential applications was most useful. He is obviously very informed on the industry, its past, its direction and how to take advantage of the future. Very good at conducting group interaction."

Chris Charron - Michigan Bell

"Clive’s ability to conduct interactive dialogs is astounding. He appeared to have knowledge of the subject matter in excess of mine by some undetermined multiple. (I am a subject matter expert). Questions were handled extremely well."

Jim Lehman - ASI

"I got a complete understanding of the OSI Model and an understandable evaluation of communications protocols with description of future directions. Good explanation of the ‘fit’ of ISDN. Clive did an extremely effective job of conveying fairly technical information in a manner that could be understood by non-technical people. He effectively used analogies to clarify points to ensure student understanding. Good pace, obviously well versed in subject matter. Enthusiastic!"

Steve Roberts - ASI

"This class was excellent all around. I can’t wait for the next class."

Tom Talty - ASI

"The content was right on target - filled a big void in our knowledge. Clive is very knowledgeable - current - thought provoking style - Good for us."

Doug Lattner - ASI

"The building-block approach to understanding Data Comm was most helpful - first time I really understood it. Clive has a vastly superior knowledge."

Richard Peldo - Wisconsin Bell

 "This course was a good overview of all of the subject matter - good detail. Pace moves fast but is the appropriate speed. Good overall level of detail. Overview of exactly what I needed the most. Clive is extremely effective. Well prepared. Flexible to discuss class initiated questions & pull us back on course gently, yet effectively. His experience is very very helpful."

Robert Reynolds - Michigan Bell

"Clive’s knowledge, opinions and perspectives about standards telecommunications & data processing was very insightful. Clive is excellent! He covered a topic that could be very dry (OSI) in a very stimulating and thought provoking manner. All MBT SUMIT should hear this!!!"

Joyce Wade - Michigan Bell

"Clive is very well informed in all areas, innovative thinker, good communicator - captured and kept my interest throughout class (not an easy task!)."

Helen Brooks - Ohio Bell

"Excellent! Amazed at his ability to discuss all aspects in great detail and with a great deal of knowledge about Ameritech and our competitor’s strategy."

Charron Cox - Ohio Bell

"I’ve had many of these basics before, but Clive does a great job of linking macro marketing/business issues with technologies. I’ve never had a course this good before in our company. The interaction in this environment between students was also very important. We’re all seeing through our various customers, the micro roots of these macro issues. This course (in my opinion) is critical for market plans and market & product managers. Ideally they would be in a class with field employees to hear what they are experiencing in the field. I would also recommend a variation of this course to my senior managment. The CEO, and Senior VP should also attend. I believe this would be very helpful in understanding the competitive challenges ahead."

Steve Cimelli - SNET


P U B L I C    S E M I N A R    T E S T I M O N I A L S

Designing and Managing Internet / Intranet / E-Commerce Solutions That Work!

"Found it very informative, liked the approach which was very interesting & kept me wondering what was coming next.The demo's were great & helped explain different tools / internet techniques"
Janine Hall / IBM New Zealand

"Just great"
Kenna Howarth / IBM New Zealand

"Oh yes...I would cross the street to listen to Guy Hermann again - you can quote me !"
Ed Forsman / Venture Dynamics Ltd

"Guy’s knowledge of the market and technology is fantastic. Exciting to listen to!"
Trevor Doody – Telstra – Melbourne 5 August 1998

"Obtained some very useful information – thanks Guy"
Maurice Foxcroft – Fremantle Hospital – Perth – 19 May 1998

Information & Network Security

"Well worthwhile having the latest security issues – both network and system reinforced"
John Burgess – Department of Defence – Canberra – 25 August 1998

"A very good seminar which answered many of my questions"
Harald W Hummel – Australian Taxation Office – Canberra – 25 August 1998

"Excellent training - amazing depth of knowledge & delivers it well."
Les Wasley - New Zealand Defence Force - Army

"Great course."
Stephen Wilcox - Resource Solutions Southland Ltd

"Presented highly technical subject in a very relaxed & 'lay' manner - which is typically a very hard thing for a highly technical person to do - Well done !!"
Lindsay Stewart - New Zealand Health Information Service

Supporting & Troubleshooting Windows 95/98

"I've attended several other seminars from different providers, but Guy has been the best presenter ( best prepared, knowledgeable, approachable, best presentation - sounds like the Grammys!!)"
Andrew Gabites / WestpacTrust

"The speaker was excellent & this was accompanied by a presentation which was also of the same standard.  He always seeked questions & was always willing to help now & in the future"
Damien O'Callaghan / WestpacTrust

"Excellent - I really enjoyed the style & content of the presentation.  This seminar will be of excellent value to me & has given me a lot more to think about."
Rohan Cuff / Telecom NZ Ltd

"The seminar was excellent. Guy & his presentation was great because of his ability to keep his audiences attention & the awesome presentation.  There were heaps of things that I never knew!"
Fred Aiulu / WestpacTrust

"As good, (if not better) as any seminar I’ve previously attended – thanks Guy!"
Barry Smith – Road Traffic Authority – Sydney 14 August 1998

"Very well presented, with good content, it was an absolute pleasure to attend the course and have a very knowledgable and entertaining presenter"
Alan Parratt – Bradmill Undare Group – Melbourne 7 August 1998

"Will be a pleasure to recommend the seminar. Love all the Web Sites"
Michael Koranias – Ford Motor Company – 7 August 1998

"Excellent content and thoroughness of presentation…the volume of material presented is huge and is a great resource to anyone who needs to understand Win 95"
Ivan Watt – The Business Planning Group – Sydney – 10 March 1998

"Guy is an excellent speaker, knows his work and presents it well. I enjoyed the course immensely"
Lenka bararon – Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children – Sydney – 12 June 1998

"Super – filled in all the blanks"
Mark Yacopetti – Cockburn Wreckair – Perth 15 May 1998

"Instructor was very knowledgable!"
John Stephens / JM New Zealand

"Informative & humourous"
Angie Stewart / Landrigan Waite

"It was very informative. It reinforced some things I knew & I learned a lot of new things."
Kathryn Tsikanovski / Wellington School of Medicine

Paul Lamb / Datacom Employer Services Limited

Understanding Data Communications for Optimized Networking

" Presentation was very good and the history provided to each topic was excellent"
Chris Smith – Department of Defence – Navy – Sydney 18 March 1998

"Clive brings a knowledge base and enthusiasm to this course that I have rarely seen. Very beneficial and enjoyable"
Paul Brusaschi – Deutsche Bank – Sydney 18 March 1998

"Well presented with good coverage of relevant topics"
Peter Evans – Courts Administration Authority – Adelaide 25 March 1998

"Excellent presentation, Clive was very interesting & very informative.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course."
Warren Grieve - Manukau Institute of Technology

TCP/IP Networking

"Pace of delivery was excellent. Well presented and informative. Will recommend to others"
Peter Williams – Queensland Rail – Brisbane 29 May 1998

"The overall quality was excellent. Clive’s willingness to answer questions "in full" and keep the attention of everyone was most impressive"
Jeff Peters – Biomedical & Health Technology Services – Queensland Health – 29 May 1998

"After attending numerous courses, I am very impressed with the venue, lunch, topics covered and most of all the presenter – Clive Hermann"
Michele Gall – Department of Defence – Melbourne 15 May 1998

"Excellent seminar – look forward to another one with your company"
Dean Gall – Department of Defence – Army – Melbourne 15 May 1998

"Terrific fast paced course. A great leg up for my understanding"
Ralph Forster – Newcrest Mining Limited – 8 May 1998

"For me, this has been an excellent seminar which has exceeded my expectations totally – thank you"
Paul Crewe- NSW Department of Fair Trading – Sydney 20 March 1998

"I have a much better understanding of what's going on with my network now & thus have direction as to how to make my network more efficient."
Simon Gillson - Manukau Institute of Technology