E X E C U T I V E   T R A I N I N G   C U R R I C U L U M S

We have received rave reviews in this arena due to our unique combination of basic Data Network Training coupled with Strategic Planning and Creativity Sessions.

The objective is to empower senior management
to capitalize on business opportunities.

Subjects such as Network Management are explored by examining the technology, the competitive marketing environments, and the network application opportunities.   Utilizing the latest methods for creative thinking we facilitate cross-departmental exchange for exploration and development of "Block Removal" techniques.

We have partnered with companies such as LUCENT to provide "Telecommunications: The New Wave." A strategic analysis for Government and business leaders in INDIA.  We have developed and delivered Executive Data Training for BELLSOUTH.  We have built and delivered a complete Data Training Curriculum for SNET and major portions of the Bellcore and Ameritech "New Technologies and Business Opportunities" Certification Programs.

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Network Applications Training

The need for Network Applications Training is at an all time peak particularly in the areas of Interoperability and Network Management. Growth rates of 50% are possible for those trained to capitalize on these opportunities.

Niche Training

We specialize in providing Niche Training for those areas which require rapid course development and evolution to augment existing corporate training curricula. Examples of this training can be traced back to 1984 with the highly successful Winning with Digital Centrex series originally developed for Pacific Bell and subsequently taught in four other RBOC’s. Other examples include: Network Applications Training, Open Systems Selling™, Understanding Data Communications for Product Managers, ATM & SDH Today And Beyond 2000.

This Niche Training is highly effective when used to augment existing training programs to provide an insight into the customers view and the changing environment.

Accelerated Learning Techniques

The NETWORK Network uses Macintosh and PC-based presentation software to develop the student workbooks, and the presentation graphics. The student workbooks consist of copies of the presentation graphics, notes, and exercises.

Television studio production techniques enhance the presentation. Our courses are high in production value, and use several techniques to ensure audience participation. We use color 3-dimensional computer animations to explain technical concepts, giving our students an initial understanding, and quick visual overview of a concept before breaking it down into its component parts. We always bring the students back to the big picture, and explain why everything is relevant.

“Getting at the Consultant”

TNN uses a unique “Getting at the Consultant” methodology.  This is especially relevant to the target audience, who will be able to learn exactly how one goes about being a consultative sales person.  Participants are asked to develop a sample case study, and then learn from TNN as we demonstrate the methodology and alternative options which are considered in coming to a recommended solution. TNN then presents this solution in a simulated customer environment. Evaluations have consistently praised this as a highlight of our courses.

TNN's advanced training and briefing can be completely customized for the needs of any individual, group, or department.

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and to determine our trainer's availability

Network Applications Training Division - Capability Profile

Providing training seminars to promote the development of Enterprise Networks which are defined as:

A managed internetwork of LANs, MANs, and WANs, that transform Islands of Automation into an information utility that enhances the value of the products and services of an organization.

We have developed over 110 separate courses dealing with the Technology, Application, and Integration of Networking entities to build these Enterprise Networks.

Sample Courses:

An example of our curriculum oriented training is revealed in this curriculum developed for AT&T:

Applications of Networks: Voice, Data and Image, Public and Private
Data Applications: Open Networks to Global Markets
LANs, MANs, and WANs: Gateways, Bridges, and Interconnection
Network Management: Providing Customer Control to Gain Account Control
Broadband Networks - T1’s and Greater: Today’s Need and Tomorrow’s Promise
IBM SNA Networks: Partnerships for Profit
PC Networking: Demonstrations of Present Reality
Advanced Intelligent Networks and ONA: The RBOC’s Future
Industry Update: Telco Strategies, Competition, and Technology
Seeing the Light: Fiber Optics and the Future

Optional Course Modules:

Network Management Today
The New Network Paradigm - Partnerships for Interoperability
LANs MANs WANs To link your Information
Computer Interconnections, Centrex and PBX’s: Your Intelligent Network
Winning with ISDN
Local Area Network Interconnections: Gateways for Productivity
Computer Hardware and Software to Supercharge your Workgroups
Bandwidth on Demand: For Voice, Data, and Image Applications
National ISDN-One: Will it Now Affect You?
Network Management and Disaster Avoidance
Synthesis and Synergy: Network Case Studies for Success
Understanding Data Communications
The OSI model and TCP/IP
Hubs, Bridges, Routers and Gateways: The building blocks for Enterprise Networks
Dumb Pipes vs. Intelligent Networks - Your Network is getting smarter - Are You?
Downsizing Systems for Flexibility and responsiveness

Delivery Alternatives

TNN utilizes several delivery methods for it’s courses, including:

Suitcased Training - Instructor Lead Training
Satellite or Video-conference Distance Learning
Interactive and Serial Video Tapes

Suitcased Training

This is the primary form of training conducted by TNN. Utilizing the combined benefits of Instructor-Led Training and Computerized Multimedia Interactive Accelerated Learning Techniques we are able to optimize the participants time and performance.

All of the Instructor-Led Training is now conducted exclusively by Clive Hermann to ensure a consistently high quality of presentation.

All of the courses mentioned above are available for this form of delivery. Three of these courses are presented in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia every year.

Satellite or Video-conference Distance Learning

Since 1988 TNN has been involved in Satellite Teletraining. We have pioneered the use of several multimedia Accelerated Learning Systems to achieve our position as the premier provider of Satellite Network Applications Training. For the past two years in addition to our customized broadcasts we have produced a monthly two-day broadcast in partnership with AT&T. A brochure describing this aspect of our training distributed by the AT&T Dublin Corporate Education Center is available.

In addition to the available down-link locations on our clients networks TNN has access to 1700 downlink locations in Hotels across the U.S.A. so that students need never travel far from their work location. In many instances, TNN has installed a permanent or temporary downlink facility right in the students own work location. Temporary downlinks can generally be established with two weeks prior notice.

The students are linked with the instructor via voice-lines, so that they may ask questions at any time, and also interact with participants at other sites around the country.

Each seminar’s main theme conforms to our highly acclaimed POINTSª (Performance Optimized Intelligent Network Training System) architecture. POINTSª has been designed around cost and time efficient training.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This training series contains many pictures, saying many thousands of words. We incorporate computer-animated multi-media presentations to increase student comprehension and retention. Each course is enhanced by the student workbook which consists of a page representing each graphic image utilized in the course material. All TNN POINTSª courses utilize the following computer-assisted presentation techniques to accomplish Accelerated Learning:

• Multimedia Presentations
• Computer Animations and Demonstrations
• Systems Synthesis for Synergy
• Creative Thinking Exercises
• Open System Sellingª

Broadcasts may also be enhanced by:

Guest Speakers - either from a telecom vendor or a major telecom user
Industry Updates - highlighting the most recent significant events and technologies
Success Stories - interactive discussions with a Marketing Team describing their successful applications of the Intelligent Network as a Strategic Weapon.

Each seminar is broadcast live from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.  These hours have been carefully selected to provide the participants adequate time during the normal business day to follow-up with their normal activities. Students can attend the course with minimal impact on their daily routine.

Interactive and Serial Video Tapes

Although videotape learning is not our preferred method of delivery, our high tech multimedia production facilities maximize this media.

TNN Videotapes are marketed exclusively by National Education and Training Corporation (NET) worldwide. Our contract enables Regional Bell Operating Companies, AT&T and Northern Telecomm to purchase these tapes directly from TNN.

Time synchronized interactive Video Seminars are available where the groups are widely geographically dispersed, making the other delivery methods uneconomical. This compromise allows participants to view tapes in groups with prearranged time schedules. Scheduled teleconferencing discussion periods are held at relevant points during the seminar in order to highlight specific areas, encourage discussion and ensure comprehension.

Rapid Customization

To differentiate ourselves even further in the field of Network Applications Training we have developed a Computer Based Modular Lesson Planner. This multimedia database system allows us to develop customized courses to suit our Client’s exact requirements within 4 to 6 weeks of our meetings with the subject matter experts. Because we have modules available for all of the latest technologies we only need information on the client’s unique products, services or marketing strategies in order to build a tailored course.

Our experience with all levels of Networking Personnel from the Officers of the largest Telecommunications suppliers in the world to the sales and implementation staff allows us to meet the unique needs of a variety of audiences.