S E R V I C E S   F O R   N E T W O R K   U S E R S

Reducing The Total Cost of Ownership:

TNN's technology management services are based on a simple premise: more data is not necessarily better.  Data becomes meaningful only when it is understandable, relevant to your' specific business needs and opportunities, and can be used to support critical business plans and decisions.  We specialize in converting raw data into information that organizations can use to enhance their strategic planning day-to-day operations, and ultimately, performance. Our analysts perform system functional audits, review hardware and software systems, and provide profit-strengthening recommendations for improvement.

Our technology management services clients benefit from:

  • Multi-disciplinary expertise, including computer programming, data processing, networking, communications, and all areas of management experience.
  • In-depth familiarity with a wide array of software languages, software applications, computing platforms, operating systems, and application development packages.
  • The ability to create new systems to meet unique information needs or to appropriately adapt existing systems for new applications, including deployment across an Intranet or the Internet.
  • The ability to evaluate proprietary software models and to integrate proprietary software with existing software models.
  • Rapid system design methodologies that employ high-level, state-of-the-art application development tools in order to enable quick delivery of flexible information or decision support systems.
  • The ability to develop PC, client/server, or mainframe-based information systems.
  • An in-depth initial review focused on understanding your organization's particular business needs and objectives.
  • Solutions that marshal the latest technologies to meet the unique features of your business operations.
  • A sophisticated "systems" approach to the design and implementation of decision support tools.
  • An emphasis on responsiveness, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Our specific technology management services include:

  • Decision Support System Design and Implementation
    We provide the basic information, tools, and expertise to develop the models you need to make decisions.
  • Custom Database Application Development
    We can provide an integrated set of programs to address virtually any custom business information need you may have.

In-House Seminars

We have a complete range of in-house seminars, that have been presented in over 186 cities around the world, designed to help you reduce your total cost of ownership.   Using the unique combination of our own experience and those of our customers, our training seminars focus on the specific areas that are going to cause you grief, and show you how you can avoid the agony of making the wrong decisions.  Covering installation, implementation, management, optimization, troubleshooting, security and support, all of our seminars are designed to give you exactly what you need to effectively reduce your total support costs.  We are currently offering the following seminars: